Newsletter – Issue 11 – February 2017.

Newsletter – Issue 10 – January 2017.

Newsletter – Issue 9 – January 2017.

Dear Parent/Guardian

The Year 11 Parent Consultation Evening will be held in the South Site Hall on Tuesday 7 February 2017 between 3.30 pm and 6.25 pm.   I do hope you will be able to attend and support Andrew in what is, a very important period of his time at school.

To book an appointment, please logon to the ‘My Child at School’ online facility from 10:00am on Tuesday 24 January 2017 via the school website (instructions can be found on the reverse of this letter).  If you wish to book an appointment with the Careers Officer, please email

We would appreciate any feedback on the ease of use of this new online booking system.  Please email with your comments.

If you are unable to book an appointment and would like to speak to any of Andrew’s teachers please email and a request for a telephone call will be forwarded to the required teachers.  If Andrew is taught by two teachers for one subject, he will need to confirm which teacher you are required to book appointments for.

The Hall will be arranged so that teachers are seated in alphabetical order.  You are welcome to bring Andrew with you and it will give you the opportunity to meet individual teachers and see what progress has been made over the past year.  On arrival, please register at the appropriate desk in the dining area.

Andrew’s current grades will shortly be available on ‘My Child At School’.  If you would like to request a paper copy for collection on the evening, please contact the Data Office on 01603 497779.

As you know, we place great emphasis on parent/student opinion and, as such, would be grateful if you would take a few moments to complete the questionnaire and submit it at the desk before you leave.

If you are travelling by car, please be considerate to our neighbours and use the Park and Stride sites.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Veeren

Assistant Principal – Student Development

Online Booking System Instructions

Please follow the link to the latest edition of the Sixth Form Magazine, courtesy of our Media Committee.

Dear Parent

This important annual event for Year 9 students and their parents will be held on Tuesday 17 January 2017.  The purpose of the evening is to provide you and Andrew with the opportunity of finding out more about the subjects in our curriculum for Years 10 and 11.

The evening starts at 6:45 pm and will take place on South Site, with a short presentation for parents and students at the following times:

North Site Houses (Altair, Cygnus and Mira) 7:00 pm
South Site Houses (Polaris, Sirius and Vega) 7:45 pm

There will also be time after your presentation for you to visit subject areas to find out more information and talk to teachers.  You may also wish to speak with Miss Emmerson (Pathway Guidance Co-ordinator) or find out more about our Sixth Form.  More information about how to find each subject will be available on the evening.

I am sure you will find the evening informative and we look forward to seeing you.  On arrival, please report to the South Site Dining Hall to collect information on where you will find each subject area.  If you are travelling by car, please enter by the Pound Lane entrance in order to minimise inconvenience to our neighbours.

Yours faithfully

Mr Pywell

Deputy Principal





Dear Parent

We would like to invite you to our Shared Learning Evening, a practical evening aimed at giving you and Andrew some advice and “tried and tested” strategies that can be used to make a real difference as Andrew is about to enter the most crucial period of his school career.

You will take part in a practical workshop together with Andrew.  This will help you focus on, practice and discuss our most recommended strategies on revision and show how you can help in this process.  (This will also be good preparation for Andrew’s mock examinations after half-term).  You will be able to collect a booklet which will include further advice and guidance.

This is a really important evening to help us work in real partnership and secure Andrew’s success at the end of Year 11.  As this is an active session, we would ask that just one parent attend.  You are invited to arrive by 6:15 pm for North Site students and 7:15 pm for South Site students, in the South Site dining area to collect your son’s examination entries.  Following this, your workshop will start and will last no longer than one hour.

We would emphasise the importance of this session as it will help with the mock examinations after half term and the final examinations which now carry significantly more importance in a student’s final grade.

We look forward to welcoming you.  We would appreciate it if you could inform us if you are unable to attend by notifying the office on 01603 497711 or via e-mail

Yours faithfully

Mr G Dewar

Assistant Principal


Dear Parent/Guardian

The Mathematics department will be taking a group of students to visit Norwich Castle on Tuesday 24 January 2017.  The visit links to work that the students will be completing in their Mathematics lessons this year.  During the day the students will take part in several mathematical activities about the history of the castle and its day to day life during the medieval period.

The party will leave from the school bus bay at 9:15 am and will return at the end of the school day.  Students should wear full school uniform, as usual.

This is an enrichment activity and we are asking parents/guardians for a voluntary contribution of £13 to cover the cost of the visit. Without the contributions the trip will not go ahead.

The castle can only accommodate 100 students therefore, any Year 8 students who did not get a chance to attend last year will be given priority and a draw will take place to allocate remaining spaces.

A risk assessment has been carried out for this activity and insurance will be covered by the Governments’ Risk Protection Arrangements for Academy Trusts.  This provides an element of personal accident cover during the visit, but no personal property insurance is included.

The school codes of conduct will apply throughout the visit and the highest standards of behaviour will be expected at all times.  It will also be necessary for students to bring a packed lunch for the day.  A lunch can be provided for those who receive a free school meal.

Should you wish for your child to participate in this activity, please complete and return the slip below.  As party leader, I will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Yours faithfully

Ms L Busby

Teacher of Mathematics

Newsletter – Issue 8 – December 2016.