New Member of the Sixth Form Team

We are excited to introduce a new member of the Sixth Form Team but this time they have four legs and paws!  Hugo, the Cocker Spaniel, will be joining us in the Square as a school support dog.  Whilst he is not a fully trained therapy dog, he will provide comfort and act as a calming presence on stressful days.  We can, however, reassure you that Hugo is an incredibly well-behaved dog who enjoys the company of humans.  Hugo belongs to Miss Algar, who takes care of him and will bring him home at the end of the day for a well deserved snooze.  We understand that some parents may have concerns about having a dog on site but please be reassured that a comprehensive risk assessment has been completed and is available to read on request. I hope the students will gain a lot of enjoyment from having a support dog and there will be pictures on the Sixth Form Instagram page of his activities.  Students will receive guidance on how to behave around Hugo and his role within school in due course.  If you have any individual questions or queries, please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Algar or the Sixth Form Team.