Be A Part of DofE

As part of the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, we all had to pick something to learn as part of our skills section. This could be anything from art to video games and would span over 6 months or 3 months. As it is a really important life skill, and something I felt I needed to do more often, I chose cooking. This was a really good thing to do for my skills section as it is a skill that will be really useful in the future when cooking my own meals for myself or for others.

Over the 3 months, I cooked  things such as a simple lunch whilst on holiday in Mallorca, as well as more complicated dishes such as the traditional Roast Dinner. At the end of the section, I definitely felt more confident when cooking and have a better knowledge of meals, techniques and more after practising various skills over the time period.

I would definitely encourage people to do The Duke of Edinburgh Award as it is a really good way to develop new skills as well as forming really good relationships with friends and other people in environments you wouldn’t normally find yourself in.