Careers Corner

Year 8’s The Real Game 

On Tuesday Year 8 took part in The Real Game.  Students were asked to create their ‘Dream Life’, which involved choosing their dream house, transport, gadgets, and leisure-time. Students were then given a job at random and they had to calculate their monthly budget and expenses.  Reality soon set in for students as they began to realise the cost of living and the importance of a healthy work-life balance.  Students learnt about income tax, household bills, working hours, and what is really important when it comes to your free time.

Year 8 Work Shadowing

Over a hundred students and their families signed up to the Work Shadowing Day this week.  It was a new, exciting initiative to give young people an insight into someone’s working day.  We wonder how many will be inspired to follow in their family’s footsteps?

Year 10 Experience of the Workplace

The Summer term has seen around a hundred students placed for up to three days with local and national employers.  This venture was new to the school and we are keen to develop it further for next year’s Year 10s based on the feedback that we have received so far.

Year 13 Work Experience

Around 140 students will be on placement for the first week of September.  Given the difficulties of the working world opening up post-COVID, we are pleased to see so many taking this opportunity to experience job roles that will help support their future job, apprenticeship and university applications.  Students who have been unable to secure a placement will be in school undertaking virtual experiences.