Geography Field Trip, the Rebranding and Regeneration of Chantry Place

 Last week, some of our Year 10 GCSE Geography students completed their urban fieldwork in the centre of Norwich.  Their aim was to see if the regeneration and rebranding of Chantry Place has had a positive impact on Norwich – both in terms of the local area but in terms of the community as well.

Students completed a range of fieldwork activities, including environmental quality indexes, pedestrian counts, retail value surveys, field sketches and questionnaires.  Through using these techniques, they were able to get a real sense of how Norwich has changed over time in order to benefit the local community and the economy.

Students were respectful throughout the trip, and myself and the Geography department were impressed with how students approached the day.  We will be heading out again in June to investigate the coastal communities and how sea defences are protecting or hindering this environment!