Helping Girls get into Golf

Eve Neild is one of our new head students and she volunteers at Royal Norwich Golf Club to help young girls get into golf.  She has written the following:

“For the last 5 years I have volunteered at my home golf club (Royal Norwich) in the scholarship program.  These sessions are for juniors just getting into golf from the ages 4-18.  My role is to help them with their technique, as well as devise new games for them to play.  Throughout the sessions, I help to encourage and motivate them (especially the younger ones) and overall help them improve as golfers and have fun.  I really enjoy volunteering, as the scholarship is how I got into golf so it’s a way for me to give back to my club.

As well as this I am a volunteer for the National Girls Golf Rocks programme which helps promote golf for junior girls with their aim of trying to get more young girls into golf.  I attend the sessions run across the county, helping to encourage the girls and helping them get into golf on a more competitive level.”