Introducing Freddie – TSAS’s Second Therapy Dog. 

Who is Freddie ?

Freddie will be joining the Well-being Officer on the South Site as part of the support available for students at TSAS.

Freddie is a sixteen month old Jack-a-poo, a Jack Russell, Poodle Cross.

It is said of this breed to be ‘a winning combination that results in an intelligent, loving and loyal pooch, with the added bonus of being more hypoallergenic than other breeds, thanks to the poodle’s genetics.  “I have certainly found this to be true since having Freddie.  I chose the breed purposefully to train as a therapy dog because of the character traits to work alongside me in the Well being office.”

Although Freddie is fully grown he only stands 35cm tall, a perfect lap sized dog.  He is a born lap dog who loves being stroked and hugged.  His favourite toy is a squeaky ball.


I started training Freddie right from bringing him home at eight weeks old.  He loves learning new things and has been keen and quick to learn everything I have taught him.  He has been trained to be calm and patient sitting with humans.  I have tested him in many situations with many different people of all ages including my new grandchild.  He has trained with elderly and disabled people and with groups of teenage young carers.  I have exposed Freddie to as many different experiences as possible including doggie swimming sessions and crowded, noisy amusement arcades at the coast and so far he has taken everything he has experienced in his stride.

The Benefits

Medical Science has shown that a therapy dog can reduce blood pressure, promote physical healing, reduce anxiety, fatigue and depression, as well as provide emotional support.

It is well known that dogs love human contact, but as humans, we also greatly benefit from their calming effect.