Senior Maths Challenge Qualified to Next Round

The Senior Maths Challenge qualified for the next round which is called the Senior Kangaroo!!

 Chris Howe and Kristoff Chng in Year 13 and Billy Collins in Year 12

The following students also did particularly well in the Maths Week England Teacher Treasure Hunt, managing to find teachers to match with all 10 numbers:

 Bhavya Umarnani (Year 7), Oluwatooni Shotimeyin (Year 10), Jessica Powles, Roxy Wright, Ella Girling, Melisa Gennaris and Emma Ellis (all Year 11)

The following students in Year 8 have been accepted onto the Maths Masterclass Programme which starts in January:

 Jasper Foan, Ben Pearson, Leo Davies, Emma Dye and Victor Wang