Spelling Bee

In the English Department we are very excited to have introduced a half-termly Spelling Bee for all KS3 English classes.  Each year group has been given a list of spellings to learn and apply within lessons – the lists have been displayed in classrooms and posted on all English Google Classrooms.

The Spelling Bee will take place next week and the class from each year group with the highest class average will win the round!  The Spelling Bee is all about each class working together as a team to try and achieve the best score they can as a class.  We hope that our KS3 students will find this a fun and engaging way to improve on their spelling.

To help your child learn these spellings, the following three strategies are simple and effective:

  • Frayer Modelling

  • Look/Cover/Write/Check

  • Creating mnemonics to remember more difficult words (for example, ARITHMETIC: A rat in the house may eat the ice cream).