Sports Awards 2018

We are always impressed by the dedication of the students to school sport.  Throughout the year many students invest their time and efforts in representing the school throughout a variety of sports.   We take pride and enjoyment in celebrating their achievements.

This year, the Sports Awards took place on 23 July 2018 where over 350 students celebrated their achievements with the awarding of certificates, colours and trophies as part of the Firman Awards.

The Criteria for achieving ‘School Sports Colours’ is as follows:

  1. Good sporting behaviour towards team mates, opponents and officials during all matches and competitions.
  2. Attending practice on a regular basis.
  3. Representing the school in most, if not all matches, being reliable and well organised.
  4. Consistently producing outstanding performances.

Junior Colours are awarded in Year 8.  To achieve the colours,  these must be completed across the two years, where applicable.

Senior Colours are awarded in Year 10.  To achieve the colours, these must be completed across the four years, where applicable.

Key Stage 5 Service Awards are given in Year 12.  To achieve this, these must be completed across the six years, where applicable.

The Sporting Community at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form

Across the year we run a number of sports clubs which all students have the opportunity to attend; whether just for practice or to partake in the competitive events that we provide opportunity for.  The sports clubs enable all students to engage in a number of sports and to develop a lifelong love of sport.

Students develop their ability to work as a team throughout partaking in a range of sports.  They learn skills based on communication, organisation, leadership whilst learning about others and how to effectively use each other’s strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve.

Each year we present the ‘Team of the Year Award’ which celebrates the entire efforts of a full team, commends them for their cohesion and ability to work as team players.  The staff have been incredibly proud of all the teams this year and, as a result, there was a large number of nominees for this award.