Sports Day Goes Virtual

On a damp and wet Wednesday, the PE Department took Sports Day from the school field to the living rooms and gardens of hundreds of Year 7 and 8 pupils this week.

With the promise of a day off from school work and a week of build-up via our PE Twitter account, the Google classroom created for the event slowly began to fill up with pupils accepting the invite to join. Our wonderful heads of house created motivational videos to inspire their troops but we still weren’t fully sure what to expect come 8.30 am on sports day morning. As the first activity video was released, the wall toss with Mr Bowman, it quickly became apparent that hundreds of pupils were sat at home waiting for each new task, many forming conversations in the classroom about how they were getting on and some sending in photo’s or videos of them in action. Our Twitter account was inundated with ‘tags’ from pupils and parents sending in further evidence, constantly interacting with us and others as the feel good atmosphere spread across all available ‘virtual’ platforms. As the tasks dropped online throughout the day the results just kept on coming in their hundreds without any noticeable drop off.

The activity videos were each filmed by a different member of the PE department with simple instructions to follow but we saw some brilliant creativity from our pupils to complete them with whatever equipment they could find. The rain couldn’t prevent pupils racing outside to film their ‘air claps’ or ‘wall tosses’ with many showing excellent perseverance and resilience.

In true sports day tradition there has to be a winner but there were many great statistics other than the overall prize. We had 311 pupils from Year 7 and 8 take part and there were 2,182 results submitted as we reached the deadline, with pupils averaging around 7 results each. Polaris form P6 submitted the most results with 79 and Sirius house sent in the most results overall with 461. It was actually Mira house that averaged the most events per pupil with 7.8 to lift them into second place overall despite less pupils taking part.

Individually there were also some fantastic results with Mitchell King (M5) achieving 83 on the wall toss and Kyla Langen (M1) close behind with 73. Finley Arnup (C1) recorded an amazing 106 on the speed bounce whilst Ruby Gabell (M1) and Sofia Odell (M3) were equally matched on 76. Mollie Brown (P1) recorded an almost unimaginable 30 minutes in the ski sit position whilst Hayden Snowling (M9) lasted for an equally impressive 19 minutes. Henry Bullen (A9) and Anna Warren (M9) showed off their strength to produce 46 and 40 full press ups respectively. On the final activity Molly McKay (A8) and Harry Youngman (A2) clearly had energy left as they recorded 112 and 102 step ups respectively.

Overall the day was an amazing success, we could never have predicted how many pupils would take part, interact throughout the day and cause our mobile phones to run out of battery from all of the Twitter notifications we were getting. Sirius house proved that you can take away the events from the school field but you can’t take away their title without a fight as they took the sports day crown for the 4th year in a row. Hopefully we’ll all be back on the school field next summer when the go for title number 5.

Mr Shearer