Spotlight on Performing Arts Mornings

 Throughout the week, a number of Year 9 students have been developing their performance skills as part of our Performing Arts Spotlight mornings.  The purpose of the day is to develop students’ passion, creativity, and excellence within Drama and Music.

In Drama, students explored the play ‘The Accordion Shop’ based on the 2011 London Riots.  Through physical theatre workshops and collaborating together on script work students skilfully brought this play to life in just four hours.  An impressive feat!

On the Music side of the event, students were working on their version of the song ‘Too Close’ by Alex Clare.  There was no success criteria and students were free to approach making their version in their own innate way.  Students successfully created remix versions using BandLab and live performances using a variety of instruments and voices.

It was great to see the students really immerse themselves in the experience and we hope their passion and creativity for the arts continues throughout their time here at Thorpe St Andrew School.

“It was a really good experience getting to explore different parts and working with new people” – Amber

“It was a really fun experience.  It was fun to work with other people, be creative and show our true selves” – Harriet & Emma