Team 6 Create Bright Fun Benches at Fitzmaurice Park

Over half term, some of our Team 6 students helped to paint one of the seating shelters at Fitzmaurice Park as part of outreach with the local community and Thorpe Town Council.  Year 13 Student, Edith Hewetson-Reney designed the illustrations and then over thirteen students helped paint the shelter.

Edith has said:

‘The idea behind the bench design was to create a bright, simple and fun image to bring a new life to the area.  The theme of ‘environmental change’ is represented with the two tall wind turbines on the planet; the bees and flowers also link well and essentially add more colour and vibrancy to the aesthetic.

The bench is used by many young people communally, so we thought that having as many students help as possible would give the project a wider sense of accomplishment.  We are all very proud of our efforts and feel lucky to be chosen to give back to our local community.’