The First T Level Cohort

As the first T level cohorts come to the end of their qualifications we celebrated our Education students’ last day at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form on Tuesday 16 May 2022.  The students have worked extremely hard over the last two years (even more so by getting through a brand new qualification at the same time as a global pandemic).  The confidence students have gained practically but also academically has been amazing they have flourished into Early Years Educators and are now moving on to greater things with students having secured university places to gain Qualified Teacher Status at the University of Hertfordshire, Derby, York, Brighton and Suffolk and employment with Camp America, The Benjamin Foundation After School Club.  We are so proud of our first cohort (many of whom completed Child Development GCSE with us before staying for two years of Sixth Form to study the T Level).  Three of our students have gained offers of employment from their industry placements.  This just shows how lucky we have been with our first cohort of dedicated students who have gone above and beyond to become the best practitioners possible.  We wish them the very best of luck in their progression – Miss Woodcock (Course Leader/Deputy Head of Sixth form).

Katie Healy (T Level Education student) – The best choice of my life.  It gave me the opportunity to work in a nursery and school setting.  I made lots of connections with peers and colleagues on placement.  It’s given me the confidence to enter teaching by going on to study at the University of Suffolk but I received all five of my university choices. 

Ellie Hearn (T Level Education student) – I loved the T level Education.  I enjoyed learning content from the core year which I took into practice on placement.  What I learnt throughout the course I used within my university interviews showing I already knew what teaching entailed.  I got accepted into all of my five university choices for QTS teaching.  I will be going on to the University of Brighton. 

Romilly Horner (T Level Education student) – My favourite part of the T level was the placement as it opened up the opportunity to identify what age group I wanted to work with in the future and provided me with network opportunities. 

 Romilly worked with the government over the duration of the course as a T level student ambassador which has opened many doors for her and allowed her to increase her communication skills and confidence carrying out public speaking and press/radio interviews. Romilly is now looking for employment as a Teaching Assistant.