The Fittest Classroom

Year 10 Students were invited to submit an application for an International Competition that could lead to a final in the USA in 2023.  Some of our Year 10 students rose to the challenge of writing about their love and enthusiasm for sport, commitment to working to get fitter and healthier and how they could support others to develop their sporting skills.  We were very excited to hear that four Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form students will be attending the first practical round of the competition to be held at Dereham, where they will be working with representatives from Norwich Football Club to learn more about the football industry beyond what we see on the pitch.  This will be a valuable and enjoyable afternoon but with the added incentive of gaining a place at the next stage selection sports camp in Bristol.  The Fittest Classroom is just the latest in a series of Extreme Classroom projects.  Previous competitions have featured  – The Wettest Classroom (onboard a boat sailing round the UK), The Coldest Classroom (-45C Artic expedition), The Highest Classroom (Himalayan trek) and The Hottest Classroom (+30C Tanzania).  Good luck Year 10 entrants and we hope you make it to the next round!