Theme of the Week – Remembrance

Remembrance is the most important theme for this week.  “Lest We Forget”.  The poppy symbol helps us with this but what do we need to do to help with remembering the more routine things that students need to bring to school?  The knot in the handkerchief is probably an outdated way of remembering things…  I have had to get myself into my school routine … lanyard is taken off, kept with my car keys and put next to my work bag at the end of everyday when I get home.  Students may need support at home to help them get into routines so that they routinely remember the essential school items that they need (lanyard, pencil case, rain coat for example).  Their Chromebook has become an essential item in the students’ resource toolbox.  Students are regularly using for example, MathsPad and MyMaths websites to answer questions and receive instant feedback… so it is imperative that students get into the routine of charging their Chromebook at home and bringing it to school everyday so that they can access the resources that they need in lessons.