Work Placements Needed

Here at Thorpe St Andrew Sixth Form, we run a Level 3 Business qualification which is the equivalent of 3 A Levels.  As part of this vocational course students aged 16-18 years need to carry out one day a week work placement to gain relevant industry experience.  This supports them in many ways:

  • Provides them with a vision for their future career/university course

  • Gives them examples of real businesses for their coursework

  • Helps them contextualise their learning which supports their examination revision

  • Motivates learners to aim high and achieve

  • Enables students to learn from trained professionals

Work placements can also benefit employers and employees:

  • Helps train the next generation of the workforce.  If students impress you, they can be offered paid work during school holidays, weekends or a job promise after completing their Sixth Form course

  • Supports your employee’s confidence and appraisal if they train a student as part of their job role

  • Provides you with an extra pair of hands to complete tasks or projects (placements do not require payment)

  • Use a young person’s skill set that you may not already have on your team. Get fresh ideas or support with your company’s social media

We are particularly interested to hear from businesses in the following areas:  Marketing, Accountancy, Financial Services, Retail, Car dealerships, Estate Agents, Local council departments, Insurance, and Banking.

If interested:

You will need to provide a job description and someone to supervise the student for the day during working hours. If you require further information please contact Clare Lincoln –

As a Sixth Form, we also run the following vocational courses which require work placement-

T Level Digital

T Level Education

Level 3 Health and Social Care

Level 3 Sport