Year 10 Work Experience of the Workplace

In response to a growing need for work-related learning for students in Years 10 and 11 and to an increasing demand from universities and colleges, apprenticeship providers and employers, the school is going to be trialing a learning opportunity for this Summer Term.   Your child may have already mentioned something about this as a result of activities taking place in Form Time.

Having ‘Experience of the Workplace’ in Year 10 is a new venture for the school and we are keen to do things a little differently.  An element of flexibility is needed in supporting employers as everyone returns to the office; to some sort of normality post-COVID.  With this thinking in mind, we are offering students a window of opportunity of up to three days at any point* during the Summer Term.  The days can be consecutive, but they do not have to be.

The school is giving students the opportunity to create a programme consisting of a placement or two lasting up to three school days in total between Thursday 21 April to Friday 22 July 2022 inclusive but students will need to bear in mind the half-term* week (Monday 30 May – Friday 3 June) and two weeks of Year 10 Assessments* from Monday 4 – Friday 15 July 2022.

Parents/Students – Please keep an eye out for further information that will be sent to you soon, including the form that needs to be completed once an employer has agreed to participate.

Mr Fish, Miss Keegan