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Careers Leader: Graham Fish

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Careers Programme

Year 7

In PSHEE lessons, students consider their ambitions and challenge stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination in the context of employment.  Students have the opportunity to take part in the ‘Step into the NHS’ national competition that aims to promote careers literacy.  Students research NHS jobs, take part in an online careers personality test, create job descriptions and job advertisements for their chosen NHS career.

Year 8

In PSHEE lessons, students undertake aspects of The Real Game, which gives them the opportunity to explore the world of aspirational careers; and consider the importance of education and qualifications in getting the jobs they want; how occupational choice impacts upon lifestyle; and how to balance monthly income and leisure time.

Year 9

In PSHEE lessons, students explore potential ambitions in terms of their own skills and qualities and in consideration of future job and career sector developments.  Students have the opportunity to explore the topic of employability, including learning about the skills and qualities that employers look for.

The school provides taught opportunities that support the Post-14 Preferences programme: students explore reasons for choosing subjects.

There are planned Year 9 Preference Assemblies for students to consider the choices available to them at Key Stage 4.  Students and parents are invited to a Year 9 Preference Evening where they can speak to subject teachers and Year 10 students undertaking the courses.

Year 10

In the Summer Term, students participate in a series of Careers Workshops to review their current academic progress and begin to consider their initial Post-16 ideas.  Representatives from local businesses are invited to share the skills and qualities employers look for in employees.  Students assess their own personal skills and qualities with a view to starting the process of ‘selling themselves’ in writing.

Year 11

In PSHEE lessons, students explore Post-16 and Post-18 opportunities: prepare for college, sixth form and/or apprenticeship applications by writing Personal Statements and CVs, and learning about interview technique. Students learn about rights and responsibilities at work and have the opportunity to undertake up to a week’s Work Experience during the October half-term. The school welcomes representatives from the National Citizen Service (NCS) to deliver a presentation to students about the rewards of volunteering. Students and parents are invited to attend Autumn and Spring Term Careers Fairs involving a number of local employers, education and training providers.  The school hosts its Sixth Form Open Evening for Post-16 Choices.

Year 12

Students follow a programme which is in keeping with our ethos of the VOICE: Vision, Organisation, Identify, Consolidate and Effort. A substantial amount of this time is dedicated to the Vision side of this ethos, which is focused on students’ next step post Sixth Form. PD sessions in October and November are dedicated to careers, and cover a range of topics such as CV writing, Work Experience advice, and more. We also continue to use and promote tools and opportunities provided by Unifrog and Uptree, which offer a wealth of information on careers.

Also in Year 12, students and parents are offered a UCAS conference. There is also a careers day mid-March to not only look at the university option but also apprenticeships at Level 3 and Degree Apprenticeships. This is then followed up by a Careers Fair where local and national apprenticeship and employer providers come along to talk to students face to face, as well as provide students with interview experience.

Year 13

Students follow a programme which mirrors our ethos of the VOICE: Vision, Organisation, Identify, Consolidate and Effort. A substantial amount of this time is dedicated to the Vision side of this ethos, which is focused on students’ next step post-Sixth Form.During Year 13, students carry out work experience close to their UCAS application so that their experience is fresh when applying for UCAS or apprenticeships. A Student Finance talk is also offered mid-November to both parents and students. Students are closely monitored by their tutors to ensure they have a plan when they leave Sixth Form. Our Pathways Guidance Coordinator is always at hand if students are struggling with their next steps.

Throughout the school year, students have opportunities to meet and work with local employers in a variety of academic and vocational curriculum areas across all key stages.  The school is keen to continue to develop links with local employers.

Members of the school community – students, parents, teachers and employers – may access information about the Careers programme via our website and the school’s Careers pages.

Careers Portal

Students and staff have regular opportunities to review units of work throughout the year with a view to making appropriate changes for the following year.

Given the high involvement of Year 11s in the National Citizen Service programme, the school currently holds a Gold Champion Schools Award.