Our Allotment

The Aim

The allotment was relaunched in 2021, as part of the Raising Achievement/SEND team provision.

It has been developed to respond to the rising numbers of young people struggling with social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

Over the coming years, our overall aim is to make the allotment area a place:

  • where teachers can take classes to work

  • where students, who struggle with their well-being, stress and mental health, can go to support them

  • where cross curriculum activities will take place, such as Science, Food Technology, Art and Life Skills

  • where students can come for activities during Induction days and Open Evenings.

  • where staff can come for INSET Days

The following photos depict:

  • Team Green with their “YES” award that they complete through the Papillon Project (see below for more details about this project)

  • Teaching areas for cross curriculum study

The Allotment has also been featured on ITV Anglia News on Thursday 14 October 2021 – here is the presentation we put together for it: ITV Presentation

If you missed the news, here is another chance to watch it – Link to video:

How the climate crisis may change the way we produce our food

Team Green

Team Green runs the allotment club on Mondays & Thursdays, after school between 15:05-16:10. Whilst with us you can do an array of things such has, clearing, weeding, planting of vegetables and plants, making bird feeders, boxes, hedges homes, pond creating, …. and the list goes on.

If you plan to stay with us at Thorpe St Andrew Sixth Form, you could become a member of ‘Team Green’ ; they support the running of the allotment and are a big part of it. Team Green members have their own key to support the running and maintenance of the allotment.

Click here to find out more about Team Green

Support from Key Stage 3 (KS3)

Throughout the week, we have certain times when Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 students are invited to come into the allotment to help support their well-being and to give them a different sense of learning.

It has really helped and supported some of our students when they feel worried or need a voice to listen too.

They sow seeds, create objects to support the allotment, maintaining and much more.

We also plan to have it open at lunchtimes where the younger students can have a different area to eat if they struggle with large numbers of people.

The Papillon Project


The Papillon Project is an educational charity that promotes sustainable living and environmental awareness for young people. It is their continued privilege to work with secondary schools and sixth-form colleges in Norfolk, to inspire young people to grow their own food for themselves and their local community. It is their very dedicated mission to help rehearse the next generation to know how to grow their own food so we can all start to live in a world that is greener and far more sustainable.

Click on the video link in the picture to find out more about the Papillon Project:

If you need to contact the Papillon Project, here is how:

Website: www.thepapillonproject.com

Facebook: @thepapillonpro

Twitter: @ThePapillonPro

Instagram: @thepapillonproject

Looking ahead

In the future, for the allotment, when things get back to “normal”, we will use it as a place for:

  • Students to relax while having lunch with friends

  • A place for students to talk if they are having problems

  • More class subjects to use the area

  • Linking up camera to bird boxes and hedgehogs boxes

  • And maybe.. Asking BBC2 “Springwatch” to do a piece within the allotment


If you are interested in supporting this project, we are always looking for things like, equipment, bird feeders, wood, lawnmowers, seeds, plants, pond plants, hedgehog homes, drills, wheelbarrows, compost, plant and veg food, solar lights etc.

Get in touch with Jason Crane, via email here: Email Jason Crane