Curriculum Intent Statement:

Our Geography curriculum is exciting, progressive and ambitious. It is rich in skills and knowledge and is designed to develop pupils’ curiosity and fascination about our dynamic world.

Geography offers the opportunity to study a range of contemporary themes and case studies. Many challenges facing the world – climate change, food security, energy choices – cannot be understood without a geographical perspective. In Geography, students investigate the physical processes of our planet, human societies and the economic and environmental challenges within the local, national and global context. This gives students the confidence to interact with the wider world as global citizens, leading to fulfilled and positive life experiences.

Geographical skills are embedded within units of work throughout all key stages. Using maps and mediated images of people and place, numerical data and graphical modes of communication and getting to grips with the geographic information systems that underpin our lives, make geographers skilful and employable. Fieldwork enquiries and decision-making activities enable students to apply their skills, knowledge and understanding within both human and physical Geography.

The curriculum encourages students to ask questions, develop critical thinking skills, and make informed decisions. As students navigate through the Geography course they will become more confident in ‘thinking like a Geographer’ which will nourish and enrich lifelong learning.

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