Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

A Guide To Using The Learning Resource Centre

  • The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is open every day from 8.25am – 4.00pm for lessons, at break, lunch, and after school for quiet reading or to complete school work.

  • The Librarian, Mrs Hamilton, is happy to help you. Please ask if you have any queries about how or where to find the information you need.

  • You can borrow up to four books at a time.

  • Books can be borrowed for up to four weeks, and must be returned to the Librarian’s desk or put in the Book Return Box, which is outside the LRC.

  • The return date will be stamped on the slip in front of the book to remind you.

  • If you have not finished reading your book, you can ask the Librarian to renew it.

  • All fiction books are stored on the shelves in alphabetical order by author’s surname.

  • All non-fiction books are stored on the shelves by their Dewey number which you will learn about in Library Induction Lessons.

  • Large selections of audio books on CD and films on DVD are available.

  • Books are marked as age appropriate. If you wish to read a book for an older age group you will need to have an email sent from home giving permission. The email address is tsaslrc@yare-edu.org.uk .

  • Year 7 students have induction lessons in the first few weeks of term to learn how to correctly use the library.

  • The school library system is also available online via RMUnify. By clicking on the Oliver tile you will be logged in to the system and be able select books to reserve which are then delivered to you during form.  A book is available if it as a green tick on it, if it has a red cross, it is already out on loan.