Spelling Mastery is spelling programme that teaches students dependable spelling skills by blending three approaches: the phonemic approach, the whole word approach and the morphemic approach.  Spelling Mastery is designed to maximise the advantages of each approach and minimise the disadvantages.  It is a small group intervention.

Sound Discovery is a synthetic phonics literacy programme.  It is developed for the teaching of reading, spelling and writing.  It can be taught as a 1:1 intervention or to a small group.

Toe by Toe Reading Programme is a 1:1 highly structured reading scheme. It is delivered in 15 minute individual sessions at least twice per week.

Catch Up Literacy is a structured 1:1 literacy intervention for learners who find reading difficult.  It is designed for struggling readers rather than beginner readers.  It targets the need of individual learners and is delivered in 15 minute individual sessions twice per week.

Please find below materials to assist students and parents which we hope you will find useful:

All About Reading Week