Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Intent Statement:

Our intent for the MFL curriculum is built around 4 Cs:

  • Core Knowledge

  • Communication

  • Culture and

  • Commitment

Core Knowledge  

Students will be exposed to a common body of vocabulary and grammatical concepts.

Curriculum will use spiralling and inter-leaving to ensure mastery of Core Knowledge.

Students will study one language to ensure depth of knowledge can be achieved.


Students will learn to understand different types of written and spoken language.

Students will be taught to speak and write for different purposes in the target language.

Students will be taught to communicate with spontaneity and creativity.


Students will be exposed to the culture of the target – language.

Students will develop an understanding of the opportunities there are outside of their local area/country.

Students will  have an empathy for difference and an appreciation for diversity, equality and tolerance.


Students will be trained in the skills they need to be successful language learners now and in the future.

Students will develop skills they can use in their private and professional lives in the future – problem solving, presentation, organising ideas, how to revise and commit knowledge to long-term memory.

Students will develop personal qualities such as resilience and learn to appreciate that success requires sustained effort.

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