On the 4th July we made our way to London on the train. First stop was to the the Photographer’s Gallery where we were treated to the TPG New Talent and Urban Impulses: Latin American Photography exhibitions. After a picnic in the shade of Leicester Square we made our way to explore the permanent collection and BP Portrait Artist exhibition at the Portrait Gallery.

We then headed onto the Royal Academy of the Arts to get lost in the amazing display of artworks from all genres in the Summer Exhibition 2019 seeing works from the likes of Banksy, Tracey Emin, Antony Gormley and Michael Craig-Martin. We then went on a little sight seeing walk to see Buckingham Palace and Westminster before a well deserved ice cream in St James’s Park.

A great time was had by all and the students are now armed with lots of inspiration for their new projects. 

Miss Jones

Achievement Newsletter – July 2019


Newsletter – Issue 21 – July 2019


On Friday 21 June myself and a group of students from Thorpe St Andrew Sixth Form attended an apprenticeship day at Dereham Sixth Form.

The day began with a choice of workshops run by a variety of industry experts. We chose to attend the NHS workshops, delivered by two professionals with healthcare backgrounds. As myself and my friend Annabel are interested in a career in health care, this talk was perfect for us. The talk was interactive, and therefore we found that we were able to learn more information specific to our future career choices.

Another student who attended the day took part in the ‘confidence’ talk which involved participating in carefully structured games and improvisation tasks designed to get students more involved. This benefited the student, as she felt encouraged to increase her involvement within group activities, allowing her to begin to gain an understanding of how competitive apprenticeships can be and how she can make herself stand out as the best candidate.

After attending the workshops, students attended the careers fair with a variety of stalls representing different apprenticeships. I personally found this very helpful as I was able to acquire the appropriate booklets detailing information about apprenticeships that interest me.

During the course of the day, several students were offered one to one mock interviews with employers. Myself and Annabel attended separate interviews with the NHS. Being given the insight into the structure of the interview and what type of questions we would be asked was an incredible experience. As a result of the interview, Annabel is now clear on her future career path: an apprenticeship in physiotherapy with the NHS.

Without this mock interview Annabel would still be unsure about her post Sixth Form choices, she now is able to pursue a goal and work hard towards it knowing what she wants to be.

Overall to my best knowledge, all students from Thorpe St Andrew Sixth Form highly benefited from this day and we are now clearer on our future choices as a result.

We would like to thank Dereham Sixth Form College for organising the inspiring event and all employers who attended.

Madeleine Cullens and Annabel Webb

This competition (Top Class) is part of the Norwich Science Olympiad and runs over several weeks from March up to the Olympiad in July. It comprises matches for whole classes or a combination of classes. The matches take place in schools at convenient times agreed by teachers, and last about half an hour. 

The students are allocated ten teams with up to three students in any one team. Each team works at a computer that downloads multiple-choice questions which refer to scientific situations. The classes play matches head-to-head against each other and each team in one class is paired with a particular team in the other class to play a game. All ten games take place at the same time. In each game, the two teams simultaneously receive the same questions. Teams then collect points if the correct answer is given within one minute.

The class winning the greater number of games has won the match.

The grand final is a stage show before an audience of pupils, teachers and parents at the University of East Anglia.  Year 9 students at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form took part in the competition this year and reached the finals after beating Norwich School in the quarter finals and North Walsham in the semi-finals. They then went on to win their match against Wymondham High in the finals held on the 4 July 2019.

Winners of the Norwich Science Olympiad 2019

Norwich Science Olympiad  Top Class 

Following last year’s successful collaboration, Hemblington Primary School invited us again to participate in their German week.  The event is designed to promote a love of languages and improve the children’s cultural awareness.  A group of Year 8 and Year 12 students worked with children in Years 1-6, teaching them songs in German.  Our students were a credit to the school and really enjoyed the experience of sharing their German knowledge with the younger students. 

Here’s what they had to say about the event:

‘ … (the day) helped me to develop specific skills involved in presenting and leading activities to a primary school class.  We were also shaping the children’s attitudes towards learning languages and ensuring that they view it as something accessible and enjoyable.’  Maddie Feeley – Year 12

‘This was a positive experience for me … and will improve any teaching that I do in future –  and will, hopefully, inspire more young people to study a foreign language when they reach GCSE or A Level.’  Elinor Hanton – Year 12

‘ … (the day) helped me realise how much German I know.’ Amber Mawby – Year 8

‘… (we hope the day) will help (children) learn that German is fun and that they should take German as a GCSE.’  Charlotte Becket and Holly Brazewell – Year 8

‘I was inspired by the year 1 children because (they) showed determination and were really listening to the song.’  Laureena Reid –  Year 8

‘It was good for my confidence.’  Ethan Hill – Year 8

Mrs Johnstone

German Week at Hemblington Primary School

On Wednesday 3 July 2019 a group of Finance and Business students went to London to attend a series of talks at the London Institute of Banking and Finance and visit the Bank of England Museum.

They had the opportunity of taking part in a fun and informative interactive quiz about the Financial Services industry in the UK and were given a taster lecture by the Dean, Peter Hahn, who fascinated them with his stories from previous roles within the sector (he was Managing Director of Citibank and a senior advisor at the Bank of England Prudential Regulation Authority).

They all enjoyed the experience and the chance of walking around the City to see some iconic buildings such as the Gherkin.

Some of our students attended this visit on Thursday 27 June 2019 and had the opportunity to meet authors and gain creative writing tips. They had a fantastic time and the library hopes to repeat this visit next year with more students. Those who took part were winners of the 500 Words Competition, others were recommended by their English teachers for their good work this year.

Here is some feedback from students:

‘I think the whole thing was a great experience and would definitely go again if I got the option to. I will definitely write more now I have been to that trip. Thank you again for letting us go as it was AMAZING.’

‘It helped me to understand that there are many ways to write, which work for different people.’

‘I took lots of notes throughout the trip and can definitely see myself taking those notes on board in my writing to make it better than before.’

‘I have been inspired to write more books by this event!’

Ms Allen, Librarian

Newsletter – Issue 20 – July 2019