Our Vision

Education at Thorpe St Andrew School:

  • Is the opportunity to learn, grow and develop for all members of our school community, at all times.
  • Is the mutual learning between student and teacher, adult and child, experienced and new-comers.
  • Embraces inclusiveness for students, teachers and parents as well as other community members.


At Thorpe St Andrew School we are committed to achieving our primary goal of Success for All’. The School seeks to create opportunities for each and every one of our students to grow into a confident, independent, resourceful and economically self-sufficient adult.  We aim to promote a culture of high expectations and high aspirations to equip our students with the skills and values to meet the challenges of a highly competitive, rapidly changing global society.  In addition we also seek to instil into our young people the importance of their contribution to our community of team work and of collective responsibility.

Andrew is a typical student at Thorpe St Andrew School. We believe Andrew’s education here should be in part about the pursuit of formal qualifications, but we also believe that the development of Andrew as a person is essential, if he is truly to fulfil his potential and be prepared for a bright and successful future in the adult world.

To this end we aim to provide Andrew with:

  • A safe, caring and inclusive learning environment where he is treated and developed as an individual with a unique set of skills and talents.
  • Teaching which engages, challenges and inspires him and offers him enjoyable and memorable experiences both in and outside the classroom.
  • A rich and broad curriculum built around his specific aptitudes and needs, which develops skills as well as knowledge and which provides many opportunities for enrichment beyond the classroom.
  •  A community which is founded on strong values and mutual respect and which works in partnership to ensure excellent provision for him.
  •  Opportunities for him to excel in many different fields with clear progression routes into further and higher education.
  •  An ambitious, forward-looking school which is focused on his needs and has high expectations of his performance, behaviour and contribution.
  •  A strong, dedicated group of experienced staff who seek their own professional development to serve him and his fellow students more successfully.
  •  A school community which works with, supports and learns from other schools and which welcomes innovation and challenge to ensure excellent provision.
  •  High quality feedback and guidance as to how he can make excellent progress academically and also in terms of his personal development and future aspirations.
  •  Frequent recognition and celebration of his successes and achievements.