At Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form we believe that excellence is achieved through a combined effort of three parties: the student, the adults at school and the adults at home.  This section of the website includes useful information for adults at home to help their child on their journey through school.

School Day

Students should arrive in good time for the start of the school day.  Our school day starts at 8:25am and finishes at 3:05pm.  The school gates open at 8:00am.  A bell is sounded at 8:20am to signal that students should move to class.

Class Charts

Class Charts is the best way for parents to get the latest information on their child at school.  This includes a record of ARE plus points and ARE negative points.

Access Class Charts

My Child At School

My Child At School

My Child at School is the best way to find out the latest timetable, attendance and assessment information on your child, which links directly to our Management Information System.


The school operates in a cashless environment and offers parents the facilities to pay for school trips, school lunches and events using this convenient online facility.

If you do not have your login information for any of the above applications, please contact the school via email:


At Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form we fully believe that excellence is achieved through a combined effort of three parties: the student, adults at home at the adults at school.   We enshrine this vital relationship as a student-home-school pledge.  We know that if all three parties commit to the pledge, it will lead to excellence for all  because all of us ARE, Aspirational, Respectful and Engaged.   By attending school we assume all parties have signed up to this pledge.


To support our children to Aspire by:

  • Encouraging them to aim high and do their best at all times.

  • Talking to them about what they are learning and praise them  when they have worked hard.

  • Discussing future plans with them so they ’keep their eyes on the prize’ of excellence.

To support our children to Respect by:

  • Ensuring they leave home in the correct uniform and with the correct equipment.

  • Supporting the school’s discipline system, celebrating success and, if necessary, supporting any sanctions.

  • Encouraging them to look after their environment and be kind to others.

To support our children to Engage by:

  • Ensuring the best attendance possible and that they are on time.

  • Encouraging them to be organised and complete homework.

  • Attending Parent Consultation Evenings and reading all newsletters.


To Aspire every day by :

  • Aiming to do my very best and be proud of my work

  • Thinking deeply about my learning and reflect on what I have learnt.

  • Discuss with others about my future plans and ambitions and to strive for excellence, always.

To show Respect every day by:

  • Arrive punctually to every lesson, wearing the correct uniform and having the equipment I need.

  • Listening to adults, following the school rules and not stopping others from learning.

  • Being kind, polite and helpful, respecting the views of others and looking after the school environment.

To Engage every day by:

  • Attending school every day, completing the work set to the best of your ability and asking for help if needed.

  • Being organised, completing my homework, on time and working hard to improve my study habits.

  • Talking to people at home about your learning and passing on all letters sent between home and school.


To foster Aspiration we will:

  • Provide an exciting and challenging curriculum appropriate to the needs and interests of each individual.

  • Set high expectations of each student, monitor and report progress.

  • Give encouragement, celebrate success and provide constructive support on how to improve.

To foster Respect we will:

  • Set clear rules and expectations and encourage reflection when these are not met.

  • Be helpful, kind and listen carefully to the views of students and parents.

  • Respond promptly to issues raised and deal with matters appropriately.

To foster Engagement we will:

  • Encourage and celebrate attendance and strive to maintain a school where we all feel safe and happy.

  • Teach good study habits, be role models of organisation and make learning accessible from home.

  • Keep everyone informed with regard to general issues in school and specific issues relating to your child.