Uniform Guidance

The Governors of Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form believe it is important that a School Uniform Policy exists for the main school and that it is followed by all students, enforced by their parents and the school.  A uniform helps support the ethos of the school and a student’s pride and commitment to being part of it.  Clear guidelines make it easy to follow; the items should be appropriate for engaging in learning activities; and there needs to be a balance between quality and cost.

The uniform policy enables parents to follow written guidelines.  There are no exceptions, and parents should not waste money on items which are not identified in the policy.  Do not accept the comment ‘well, everybody else wears it’.  Equally, do not send a student to school who is not in uniform or in incorrect uniform unless there is a very good reason and a note is written by you.  We frequently hear the excuse ‘it’s in the wash’ – an excuse which you, as parents, would not support!  Following the code can reduce conflict for parents and avoid the cost of replacing inappropriate items.

Students must take full responsibility for wearing the uniform provided for them.  Many already do, but some ‘push the system’. Examples include wearing hooded tops, piercings including too many ear piercings or nose piercings, brightly coloured hair or trainers. These items are not acceptable when in school.

Repeated failure to wear the uniform correctly will be treated as a persistent failure to follow instructions and will be treated as such. The procedure for this is outlined in the Attitude for Excellence Procedure document.

School Uniform

Appropriate and compliant school uniform can be purchased from a range of retailers. However, school branded items are only available from the school’s main supplier.  Items shown in Gold are available from the school’s main supplier.  If there is an alternative generic item this is shown in Blue.

Required for Everyday School Wear:

  • White formal long-sleeved shirts (short sleeved shirts are also acceptable uniform).

  • Navy pleated skirt, Navy tailored trousers or Navy tailored shorts/Navy pleated skirt, Navy tailored trousers or Navy tailored shorts (tailored shorts are for the summer term, up until October half term).

(Please note that the skirt is available in three lengths).

  • Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form Navy knitted jumper with School Logo.

  • Plain black or white socks or tights.

  • Muslim students may wear the Hijab, it must be plain white or plain navy in colour.

  • Hindu students are permitted to show Tilak markings.

  • Jewish students may wear a kippah, it must be plain white or plain navy in colour.

  • Sikh students are permitted to wear pagri/turbans, if worn must be plain white or navy in colour. Kara bracelets are permitted.

  • Religious necklaces may be worn but must be tucked inside shirts and removed for PE.

  • Plain Black Shoes only. These must be ‘polishable’ – therefore no suede, canvas or similar are allowed. No white soles or logos.

  • Students must bring appropriate footwear for drama lessons. This can be plimsolls, slipper socks, trainers, dance shoes or pumps.  They must be clean and have non-slip soles.

  • A plain dark coat or jacket (a hoodie is not a coat and therefore not acceptable attire).

  • Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form Tie.

  • Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form Butcher’s Apron or Apron for technology.

  • Student Photo-ID Cards Lanyards.

If you have any further questions not covered above, please contact the school for further clarification.

Please click here for more information about the introduction of lanyards

Required for Physical Education:

  • Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form Tapered Pants, leggings, shorts or skort or Navy sport leggings, shorts or skort.

  • Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form Polo or a plain Navy polo shirt.

  • For cooler weather – Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form mid layer or a plain Navy sweatshirt.

  • Plain one-piece swimsuit, swimming trunks or swimming shorts, a swimming hat (white) and a towel.

Additional items that may also be worn for everyday school wear (optional):

  • A plain black or navy belt with a small buckle can be worn.

  • White long sleeve base layer.

Additional items that may also be worn for Physical Education (optional):

  • Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form Sports Socks or royal blue ‘football’ sock (to be worn with shorts or skort).

  • Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form Games Jersey (for Rugby). The purchase of a mouth guard is advised for safety when playing rugby.

  • Alternatively, specialist footwear that may be appropriate (e.g. football boots).

Uniform should be smart and clean at all times and worn in a correct business-like manner.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Uniform Letter for September 2023

Year 10 and 11 Uniform Letter

Stevensons – School Uniform / Order Online or Make an in-store Appointment

Hairstyles should not be extreme in either style or colour. All colour should be subtle, this means no pink, green, blue etc.

Nails should be kept short for health and safety.  Coloured nail polish is not permitted, nails should be natural in colour.

Make-up must be subtle and discreet, false eyelashes are not permitted.

Rings and other jewellery not considered are suitable for school.

A maximum of one pair of plain stud earrings (not hoops or other styles) can be worn, a small nose stud can be worn but facial and other body piercings are potentially dangerous and not permitted. Earrings must be removed for PE (please think carefully about when you allow ears to be pierced).

Ear tunnels, stretchers and plugs are not permitted.