Vision, Values and Ethos

The priority of our Sixth Form is to serve the needs of the young people in our wider Community.

Taking account of community needs and, where appropriate, working in partnership with other institutions, we will structure the programmes and experiences we offer to meet the needs of each student accepted into our Sixth Form.

Moving into our Sixth Form will give our students further opportunities not only of gaining further qualifications they need but also to develop, into mature and self-reliant individuals.  This requires the learning of skill as much as knowledge. 

We believe it will be important that they do not see life in the Sixth Form as an end in itself but a further stepping stone to higher/further education or into employment and training.

To this end, students will experience:

  • Access to a wide curriculum choice with excellent teaching, supported by quality facilities and resources.

  • Support and guidance to ensure they are placed on a programme appropriate to their needs within the curriculum on offer.

  • A rich programme beyond academic qualification geared to their needs and interests.

  • The benefits of a school which has a proven record of academic success.

  • Quality teaching in the classroom and beyond that will inspire and challenge them to aspire to high aspirations and achievement.

  • Individual and regular quality mentoring both in academic subjects and Personal Development activities.

  • Careers guidance, including, if they choose, a highly successful UCAS process for University application.

  • A Sixth Form which constantly strives to provide our students with an outstanding educational experience that will prepare them for their chosen path ahead.