Sixth form

Arts Award Gold

Why study the Award?

It is an opportunity to develop your skills and be inspired by something you are passionate about!

What is the structure of the course?

Arts Award is separated into two units.

Unit 1: Personal Arts Development
This unit offers the opportunity to develop your skills in something you are already passionate about. You will keep a portfolio of evidence in a format of your choice, for example a diary, website blog, videos or a portfolio.

Within Unit 1 you will take part in a variety of workshops run by other students and professionals, develop skills in your area, attend events and be inspired by professionals in the area of your choice. This gives you an opportunity to create connections in your area of interest and gain valuable work experience.

The final piece will be of your choice and dependent on your specific area of interest, for example:

If you chose to develop your skills in Dance, your final piece may be to choreograph and perform a new dance piece in a different style to what you would normally perform.


If you chose Photography, you may choose to display an exhibition of your work using a new skill you developed over the first few weeks.

Unit 2: Arts Project Leadership
In this unit you may choose to work in groups. The unit requires you to plan and lead a project, arranging and attending meetings, forming a company, discussing risk assessments, assessing the budget implications and then leading the final event.

You will have full control of the event including organisation and the delivery. Examples of events could be a talent show, dance show, drama performance, an exhibition of work or a music concert.

What qualification will I receive?

Level 3 Award (UCAS: 35 points)