Sixth form

Mathematics GCSE

If you are in the position of not having achieved at least a Grade C in your English or Mathematics examinations, we provide you with the opportunity to continue with these in addition to your other Sixth Form studies. There is the expectation that any student who fails to meet this grade will be required to attend these re-sit lessons in order to achieve this standard by the end of their first year of Sixth Form. There will be opportunities in all subject blocks and after school for you to attend these lessons. Given the high priority of achieving a Grade C or above in English and Mathematics, this is a welcome addition to your Sixth Form studies and will provide benefits to your future prospects.

What is GCSE Mathematics?

This is an opportunity to re-sit the EDEXCEL course studied in Years 10 and 11.

Why study GCSE Mathematics?

It is a requirement for many courses and jobs.

What makes a successful GCSE Mathematics student?

Endurance and motivation.

To study this course, what qualifications will I need and in which subjects?

This is a requirement for Thorpe St Andrew Sixth Form if GCSE Grade 4 or above was not attained in Year 11.

What is the structure of the course?

The primary focus is on examination preparation.

Paper 1 – Non-calculator examination length = 90 minutes

Paper 2 – Calculator examination length = 90 minutes

Paper 3 – Calculator examination length = 90 minutes

All papers carry an equal weighting towards the overall GCSE.

What opportunities are there for me to study beyond the classroom?

There are comprehensive revision and support materials online which can be accessed via The Vault.