Sixth form

Sports Leader Award

What is the Sports Leadership Award and why study for it?

The Sports Leadership Award gives you the skills required to lead groups in safe sporting and recreational activity. It encourages you to take responsibility for others, develops your organisational and communication skills and builds your confidence if leading groups in sporting activities is a new experience for you. The majority of the course is practical in nature with an emphasis on learning through doing, rather than through written work.

Why study Sports Leadership?

We highly recommend a Specialist Qualification or A Level Sport students undertake this course to complement their studies.

What makes a successful Sports Leader?

A student who is responsible, interested in young people and wants to develop their leadership skills.

To study this course, what qualifications will I need and in which subjects?

A GCSE or Specialist Qualification in Sport.

What is the content and structure of the course?

The Sports Leadership Award syllabus is divided into six units as follows:

Unit 1 – Leadership Skills for a Sports Leader

Unit 2 – Adapting Sport/Activity Sessions to be Inclusive

Unit 3 – Safeguarding Sport/Activity Participants

Unit 4 – Plan, Lead and Evaluate Sport/Activity Sessions – including 10 hours leadership in a local primary school.

Unit 5 – Assist in Organising and Leading a Sporting Event

Unit 6 – The Benefits of Physical Activity to a Healthy Lifestyle

What is Higher Sports Leaders Award and why study it?

The Higher Sports Leadership Award is a nationally recognised qualification which enables successful learners to lead unsupervised groups of people in sport and recreational activities. This qualification builds upon the skills and experience gained through leadership experience.  The qualification teaches generic leadership skills such as organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through the medium of sport.

Why study the Higher Sports Leaders Award?

It complements the Specialist Qualification and A Level sport courses and some of the units and evidence overlap between the courses.  It also allows you to add to your Curriculum Vitae, gain references for organisations outside of school and provides you with UCAS points.

What do I need to do to be on this course?

You will need regular and current experience in sports leadership which can be at a school club or a local club.  You will also need to complete a National Governing Body Award and a First Aid qualification which we will help you organise when you are on the course.

What qualifications do I need?

A GCSE or Specialist Qualification in Sport.

What is the content and structure of the course?

Unit 1 – Developing Leadership Skills

Unit 2 – Provision of Sport within the Community – including 10 hours leadership in a community club

Unit 3 – Lead Sessions Designed to Improve Fitness

Unit 4 – Organise and Lead a Sports Event or Competition

Unit 5 – Legal and Ethical Responsibilities when Working with Others

Unit 6 – Lead Sports/Activity Sessions for Children – including 10 hours leadership in academic coaching time

Unit 7 – Lead Sports/Activity Sessions for Older People – including 10 hours leadership of older people.