Student Voice

Getting involved in the Sixth Form and making a difference to the way it operates is an important factor in its and students continued future success.

Below are some of the ways students can make a difference and get involved in Sixth Form life:

Head Student

The Head Student should be a confident, enthusiastic and visible leader for Team 6, encouraging and overseeing projects to ensure they are being completed.

The role reports to Sixth Form Liaison (Mr Durrant) so that any required resources or requirements can be arranged and that all projects have approval.

The Head Student will also have a deciding vote on matters of disagreement, meaning steady, fair, impartial judgement is needed.

The Head Student should always be present at Team 6 Events and will be responsible for delegation and rota for those events.

Assistant Head Student

The Assistant Head Student should be diligent, thorough and enthusiastic, offering support to the Head Student and other Team 6 members.

Acting as a sounding board to the Head Student, a good deputy provides discussion and insight, is available to get stuck in, and will feel confident to deputise in the absence of the Head Student.

Day to day responsibilities also include recording minutes for meetings and helping individual Teams achieve their projects.

Prom Team

The Prom Team is required to outline the theme and ideal outcome for the Prom and then work towards producing the best possible send off for the end-of-year. Specific responsibilities will involve the venue, decoration, events, food and drink and ticketing.

Also budgeting, in conjunction with the finance team, is vital to ensure that we can reasonably achieve the dream evening entertainment.

Events and Fundraising Team

Events are vital to raising funds towards prom, whilst ensuring that the Sixth Form Community has engaging, entertaining and fun things to do!

Team members need to be creative, resourceful and thoughtful to produce and run events which have good engagement, maximised earnings and provide proper entertainment.

Budgets need to be carefully considered, and how we can utilise the local community to help fundraising, such as donations or even time!

Outreach and Community (O&C)

The Outreach and Community Team focuses on promoting the Sixth Form to internal and external candidates, assisting with school events such as the Open Evening and speeches, plus tours and guidance during these events.

Crucially the O&C Team will produce material to reflect on Sixth Form life, the highs and lows and the benefits of becoming a Sixth Form Student.

Also, O&C should work towards the promotion of the opportunities and unique learning environment that we can offer to ensure that lower and school and fellow Sixth Form students maximise their time and abilities in school.


Finance is a vital role, working on budgeting with all Teams across Team 6, especially Events and Fundraising.

A keen eye for detail, accuracy and forward planning is required to guide the Teams to realistic and achievable outcomes.

The Finance team will be required to submit requests and deposits to the school finance office, keeping a close track of our available funds and forward budgeting requirements.

Team Green

Team Green are focused on the wellbeing of our school environment, our community and the world as a whole. How we live as world-citizens and the small and big changes we can make to improve should be researched and presented to the Sixth Form, by way of media, events and initiatives across the school.

Larger projects can be sought to improve the Sixth Forms’ eco-credentials and improve our environment.

Student Welfare (Formerly Wellbeing)

Student Welfare is involved in both active and passive engagement of students’ mental and physical health across the Sixth Form. T

he Team should be seeking out and researching ideas to promote positive welfare within school that we can present through our media channels passively, and also by offering targeted events such as forums or wellbeing cafes, or possibly podcasts across a range of topics. Be creative!

Student Welfare will focus on internal educational issues this year, such as exam stress, revision, and achievement.


The media team is the outward face of Team 6 and the Sixth Form, showing off the outcomes from events, community and fundraising, and our exemplary students.

The media team should be able to produce a broad range of styles, such as the student magazine, Instagram/Twitter suitable posts and stories, and possibly podcasts or other types of new media.

The team needs to be creative and diverse, thinking of new ways we can show off all the hard work that goes into Sixth Form life, whether in written and printed media, or through spoken word and presentations.


The Charity team will identify and offer the student body appropriate charity programs that we can be involved with, and then take responsibility for raising money for the group voted on by the student body.

We want to ensure a good contribution to our chosen charity, with £500 being an ideal goal for the year.

Each charity generally sets their own goals so further accolades and awards could be offered by the chosen charity if we can successfully raise more.

This Year’s chosen charity is MIND.