Sixth form

Team 6

Team Six is:

Jack Bowers – Head Boy

Harriet Goldson – Head Girl

Amelie Carty – Head of Finance Committee

Sophie Cox – Head of Wellbeing

Darcey McClure – Head of Media Committee

Jacob Shoesmith – Deputy Head Student. Events Lead

Jay Hughes – Head of Team Green

Kate Hodgson – Deputy Head Student. Head of Medic Society

Hollie Hunter – Head of Prom

Our Ambassadors

House Ambassadors

Our House Ambassadors strengthen the bond between the Sixth Form and lower school. This is done through a variety of ways, including delivering sessions on Sixth Form life, as well as giving advice on the transition between Key Stage 4 and 5.

Current House Ambassadors are: Rebecca Monk, Macy Powles, Amelia Dixon and Caitlin Saunders.

Charity Ambassadors

Our Charity Ambassadors aim to raise as much money as possible for our Sixth Form charity of the year, which is voted for each year by our students. They design and host a range of charity fundraising events for everyone to get involved with and enjoy.

Current Charity Ambassadors are: Ardy Theophilus, Elysia Aves, Lydia Sadd, Rebecca Monk, Alexander Cotes, and Jack Taylor.

Mental Health Ambassadors

Our Mental Health Ambassadors promote positive mental health within our Sixth Form. They receive specialist training and learn about various mental health issues.

Current Mental Health Ambassadors are: Hannah Wheatley, Caitlin Saunders, Rachel Whiting, Charlotte Whitton, Leon Thornton, Ella Utting, Leah Hastings, and Molly Regester.

Medic Ambassadors

Our Medic Ambassadors learn about the world of medicine, and the variety of medical roles that are needed in society. The knowledge and skills gained are especially helpful when it comes to the competitive application processes.

Current Medic Ambassadors are: Macy Powles, Erin Malcolm, Thomas Hadley, Tom Grand, Elysia Aves, Charlotte Hanley, Christy Joshi, and Jack Guzewich.

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