University Applications

Our UCAS programme is launched mid-March of Year 12 with a student conference and a parent information evening.

Once UCAS opens, mid-June, dedicated time is set aside to the UCAS process to ensure the best head start to students’ applications.  Parallel to this programme, those applying to Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary and Dentistry courses and Russell Group Universities will receive further intense support with their applications and interview techniques from our ORBIT (Oxbridge Russell Group Bridging and Intervention Team) support team.

Thanks to our dedicated and highly experienced tutors, by the end of November, all applications are sent to UCAS to ensure that our students have the best chances of being accepted by the University of their choice.

UCAS Support Programme

We understand that the university application process can be very daunting for our students and parents. This is why Thorpe St Andrew Sixth Form has put together a very comprehensive support programme to make the whole process as stress free as possible. We are also keen for our students to submit their applications as soon as possible to give the best chances of obtaining a place at the university of their choice.

Our UCAS support programme includes:

  • Close mentoring by the Personal Development Tutor

  • Monthly emailing of the UCAS and UEA Newsletters

  • Visit by the UEA Higher Education Convention

  • University Open Days

  • Support for our students who need work experience to enhance their university applications

  • Subject Workshops run by the UEA

  • Emails to parents when important information needs to be passed on

  • Meeting in May to explain the University Clearing System

Our UCAS process is very rigorous and unique to Thorpe St Andrew Sixth Form. We will do our utmost to support our students (and parents) in gaining a place at chosen universities.

There are a number of steps students will need to take:

  1. Applying online to UCAS.

  2. Obtaining individual teacher references for A Level subjects or Specialist Qualifications.

  3. Writing their Personal Statement.

  4. Meeting deadlines.

  5. Tracking their progress.

ALL students will be under the guidance of the Personal Development Tutors who are very experienced Sixth Form Tutors.

More information from the UCAS website

Past University Applications

The majority of our Sixth Form students go on to study at University.

2020-2021 (2019-2020)

· 50% (49%) of our students received the accolade of “Norfolk County Scholar” – the County’s recognition of exceptional Sixth Form performance
· 66% (66%) have progressed to university
· 18% (24%) went to Oxbridge or Russell Group universities
· 95% of our Leavers 2021 gained a place in their first choice of university.

The number of successful applications to University at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form is typically 93% against a national average of 76%.

Student Finance

To support both students and parents in the application process, Students Finance UK are invited in to deliver talks in November of Year 13.

Student Finance Link