GCSE, AS, A Level and Vocational Qualifications Sources of Evidence 2024

Year 11 PPE Examinations – 2 to 13 October 2023

Year 13 PPE Examinations – 6 to 17 November 2023

Year 11 PPE Examinations – 29 January to 9 February 2024

Year 13 PPE Examinations – 12 to 16 February and 26 February to 1 March 2024

Year 10 PPE Examinations – 4 to 15 March 2024

Year 12 PPE Examinations – 17 to 21 June 2024

November Re Sit Dates – 7 to 13 Nov 2023

Summer Examination Dates – 7 May to 19 June 2024

Summer Art and MFL Speaking dates from 18 to 27 March 2024 and then 15 April to 3 May 2024

Contingency Days 6 and 13 June 2024 are afternoon contingency and the 26 June 2024 is a Full day – Please make sure students are available for these days if they are needed as a contingency.

Please contact the Exams Office if you require any further information.

Examination Policies and Procedures

Policy Candidate Absence Policy

Policy Candidate Identification Procedures

Policy Candidate Late Arrival Policy

Policy Certificate Issue Procedure and Retention-Policy 

Policy Complaints and Appeals Procedures

Policy Conflict of Interest Policy Exams

Policy Emergency Evacuation Policy Exams

Policy Escalation Policy

Policy Exam Archiving Policy

Policy Exam Contingency Plan

Policy Food and Drink Exams

Policy Internal Appeals Procedure Internal assessment decision

Policy Internal Appeals Procedure Review of Results and Appeals

Policy Leaving the Examination Room Policy

Policy Lockdown Policy Exams

Malpractice Policy Exams

Policy Managing Behaviour Policy

Policy Non-examination Assessment Policy

Policy Overnight Supervision Arrangement Policy

Policy Separate Invigilation Policy

Special Consideration Policy

IFC Coursework Assessments 2022

IFC NEA Assessments 2022

IFC On Screen Examinations 2022

IFC Written Examinations 2022

Information for Candidates Privacy Notice 21-22

JCQ Preparing to Sit Your Exams

Social Media Information for Candidates

Examination Contingency Plan 2021-2022

Examinations Policy

Internal Appeals Procedure

Non Examination Assessment Policy

Intervention and Revision Support After School

Please click here for the Timetable of Intervention and Revision support offered to students after school.

Revision Support

Please click the link below for revision support.

Spacing and Timing of Revision Parent Pamphlet


Night Before Exam Prep

Interleaving Technique

How to Support Re-visiting of Learning Parent Pamphlet