Assessments – 2022

GCSE, AS, A Level and Vocational Qualifications Sources of Evidence

Sources of Evidence

Centre Policy Draft – For A/AS Levels and GCSEs for Summer 2021

Changes to Examinations, Vocational Technical Qualifications and Contingency Arrangements for 2022

Dr. Jo Saxton Ofqual’s Chief Regulator has written a letter to all students across the country taking examinations or vocational technical qualifications in 2022 regarding changes to the assessments and contingency arrangements that schools will have in place to ensure students can move on to their next steps with examination grades.  You can read it here.

Please read here a letter from Dr. Jo Saxton, Ofqual’s Chief Regulator with information regarding the examination boards “advance information” that they have published on their websites, subject by subject, specification by specification.

If you have an Instagram account you can view her video message here.

To find out what additional support is being given to students taking examinations in Summer 2022 please click here.

We will support all students and parents throughout this process.

Examination Policies and Procedures

Examination Contingency Plan 2021-2022

Examinations Policy

Internal Appeals Procedure

Non Examination Assessment Policy

Intervention and Revision Support After School

Please click here for the Timetable of Intervention and Revision support offered to students after school.

Revision Support

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Spacing and Timing of Revision Parent Pamphlet


Night Before Exam Prep

Interleaving Technique

How to Support Re-visiting of Learning Parent Pamphlet