Positive Discipline

Judge Your Behaviour as Ofsted Does

Below is a list of good and outstanding behaviour which we expect every student to aspire to.  Inadequate behaviour is also listed below.  We expect that all students should work together; support each other, and behave in a way which enhances the whole community and ensures good learning takes place within a safe and secure environment.

Good to Outstanding Behaviour

If you:

  • are welcoming and positive
  • take positive steps towards developing resilience
  • take responsibility and show initiative
  • respond quickly to guidance
  • show respect to others
  • support each other’s learning and behaviour
  • show consideration for others around school.

Inadequate Behaviour

If you:

  • arrive late
  • stop others learning
  • lack attention and focus
  • waste time
  • talk ‘off task’
  • show a lack of respect
  • litter the school
  • display bullying behaviour.