Attitude for Excellence – We ARE

In order to achieve excellence for all‘ , we expect students, staff and parents to work together to create an environment that facilitates and seizes upon the effective teaching and learning they will receive at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form.

In principle, students must:All elements of our school community (students, staff and adults at home) need to be aware of the standards that are expected of them and have an important role in modelling, promoting and upholding these standards.  This commitment to excellence is encapsulated in the home – student – school pledge, which can be found in our School Matters publication.

School Matters – 2021-2022

This commitment to the highest standards of behaviour and attitude will help build a socially cohesive community, where boundaries and expectations are clear so that students have direction, feel safe, nurtured and included. 

This also ensures that all students leave Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form with the fundamental characteristics of excellence needed to achieve as life-long learners, contribute positively to the wider community and lead a successful and fulfilling life. 

Ultimately, this embeds excellence for all because all of us ARE: Aspirational, Respectful and Engaged.

Expectations at School

The expectations of students at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form ARE:

We ARE Aspirational because we:

  • Complete work to the best of our ability and meet deadlines

  • Walk purposefully and calmly through school

  • Present ourselves and our work neatly.

We ARE Respectful because we:

  • Follow instructions calmly

  • Use kind language and are considerate of others

  • Look after our environment

We ARE Engaged because we:

  • Consistently attend school and lessons on time

  • Keep focused on our work

  • Keep our voices to an appropriate volume

In reaction to COVID-19 – We will keep each other safe because we:

  • Follow social distancing guidance (follow instructions from staff on duty, move quickly, purposefully and calmly, when outside, minimise contact with others)

  • Follow universal hygiene procedures (wash hands, sanitise, catch it, bin it, kill it)

  • Switch phones off on arrival and leave them in their bag all day.

More information can be found in the Behaviour and Attitude for Excellence Policy:

Behaviour and Attitude for Excellence Policy

Mr Lambert – Vice Principal